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Metro’s Bike Sharing Program

Metro’s Bike Sharing Program

According to The Source, Metro and the city of Los Angeles launched Metro’s bike-sharing program in downtown Los Angeles on July 7th, 2016. Downtown locations to be served are Union Station, City Hall, Grand Park, the L.A. Convention Center, South Park, Chinatown, the Arts District, the Fashion District, Little Tokyo and more. Many bike share stations will be placed in close proximity to the Metro Rail and Bus network, giving transit riders direct access to Metro bikes to easily combine bicycle and transit trips.

As I travel around Los Angeles County, (especially downtown Los Angeles) I’m seeing more and more metro bike rental stations.  I’m also seeing the bikes being used around the cities which means more and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity.  I’ve passed many empty rental spots.

I’m very interested to see how well the program is doing and find out about additional stations coming on-line in the near future.



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