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Boot Prints

Boot Prints

Living in major cities with concrete and asphalt covering most of the ground we are not always able to see our footprints.  After coming in from the woods working on my “Small House Project,” there were a few calls I needed to make. Cell reception was not so great inside the house so I ventured out. It was late and very quiet so it refreshing to be outside. This particular time lower Alabama was experiencing what I like to call ‘California like’ weather. Low humidity, very pleasant temps.,  surprisingly no rain and no mosquitoes attempting to drain my blood. The best feature by far was the lack of noise.

I hadn’t changed out of my work clothes or boots since when that happened I’d be in for the night. As I made my calls I walked back and forth along the dirt path/driveway/dirt-trail along the edge of the wooded area near the barn. My way was lit by a single light as it pushed back the Alabama darkness that covered everything outside its reaches. Some might say I was pacing, but since I had no boundaries other than the encroaching darkness threatening to engulf me if I ventured outside the circle of the light.

I paid no attention to the vast number of boot prints I made in the dirt until I finished conversing for the night.

The photo above is a small section of prints I left in the dirt I chose to capture to look back at later date to remember this specific time in (LA) Lower Alabama. Often times it only takes a single image to take me back to the time and circumstance(s) present at the time of making the photograph.


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