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After the Game

After the Game

On an exceptionally nice Saturday in Macon, Georgia just before Hurricane Irma blew in I walked the side lines of the football field photographing my son as he played right guard for his college team. This is his second year at Mercer University. He was red shirted his first year, so this is his first year of actual play time.

This was the second game of the season.  Their record is now 1 win, 1 loss. I wanted to see at least one game of the season, so I decided to come to this game. (I also scheduled to work on my Small House Project while there also)  Hopefully, I get to see a few more games before the season is over.

The photograph above was taken just after the game. In addition to photographing him in action during the game, I wanted to get a good portrait of him interacting with the camera. Sometimes it’s interesting to see what images I’ve captured as I look at them on the computer, as the experience is very different while shooting as opposed to after the moment has passed.  Sometimes I feel there are more images to be captured at the time, but I’ve learned over time there are always more photos to take but they’re not necessarily going to be better than the image or images I’ve already captured of the subject. Now, after I’ve captured the image I want, I stop shooting.  It’s important for me to know when I have what I need and be able to stop shooting.


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