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Tony & Jacqueline Dunn – Celebrating 33 Years of Marriage!

Tony & Jacqueline Dunn – Celebrating 33 Years of Marriage!

“Tony & Jacqueline Dunn – Corona, California – Married 33 years – Anniversary: February 12, 1985”

“I adopted a motto, Inch by inch is a cinch, but yard by yard is hard.” — Tony

“Jesus said, ‘Pick up your cross and die daily,’” Tony explained, “There is a daily dying. People focus on the scripture that says ‘wife submit to the husband’, but right before that it reads, ‘submit one to the other.’ There is mutual submission. That’s the key, mutual submission and the willingness to recognize when we are immature, and what we need to do about it.

Excerpt From:  “Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriage 20+ Years Strong.” 


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