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Ray & Cindy Reding Celebrating 28 Years of Marriage!

Ray & Cindy Reding Celebrating 28 Years of Marriage!

“Ray & Cindy Reding – Redondo Beach, California – Married 28 Years – Anniversary: February 10, 1990”

“If you lose yourself, you lose everything.”—Ray

“Ray and Cindy say that communication, compromise, keeping themselves happy, healthy, and being able to look at one’s own faults in the same way as they see their spouse’s faults, has gone a long way in helping them maintain a successful marriage.”

Excerpt From: “Always & Forever Love: Success Stories Of Marriages 20+ Years Strong.” 


I'm a professional photographer, published author, small house builder and all around Kuntry kinda guy. I've recently, as of about 6 months ago began shooting video to load to my YouTube channel where I have info about my books, my Small House Build, Successful Marriages, and The Creative Corner. Stop by for a visit: youtube.com/otisg77

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