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Edward & Vanessa Smith Celebrating 42 years of Marriage!

Edward & Vanessa Smith Celebrating 42 years of Marriage!

“Edward & Vanessa Smith – Cerritos California – Married 42 years – Anniversary: November 29, 1975”

“When people value marriage through the tough times, they get the reward later …” — Pastor Ed Smith”

“At our church, we take a holistic approach to marriage, where we challenge couples to step up their game, as we provide a positive, encouraging environment along with the proper tools.” Speaking of successful marriages, Pastor Smith went on to explain, “The things that help you have a successful marriage are similar to the things that help you become successful in other areas of life. It’s really personal development. The spiritual growth is the key piece we emphasize in our church, spiritual development and growing in spirituality.”

Excerpt From: “Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriage 20+ Years Strong.” 


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