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Randal & Cindy Linde – Celebrating 38 Years of Marriage!

Randal & Cindy Linde – Celebrating 38 Years of Marriage!

“Randal & Cindy Linde – Lakewood, California – Married 38 Years – Anniversary: November 3, 1979”

“I told her, ‘Everything I’ve promised you will come true’—it just took 30 years to happen!” —Randal”

“Randal and Cindy explain that their marriage is successful because “We’re a great balance for each other. What I lack, he has, and vice versa. We’ve learned to meet in the middle. Our morals are the same, and we have a strong belief in God as He guides us each day. We also make time for each other. It could be moments or days. We spend at least one day each week together. We thought we were in love to no ends of the earth 38 years ago when we were married, but it’s just sooo much more than that 38 years later!” she beams.”

Excerpt From: “Always & Forever, Love: Success Stories Of Marriages 20+ Years Strong.” 


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