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Otis & Freda Sanders Celebrate 15 Years of Marriage!!

Otis & Freda Sanders Celebrate 15 Years of Marriage!!

“Otis & Freda Sanders – Inglewood, California – Married 15 Years – Anniversary: October 11, 2002”

Marriage is the highest level of commitment. It’s more than just having a boyfriend.” — Freda

“As we spent more and more time together, I was quite comfortable with the person Freda was and our relationship together. I forgot that I said I was never getting married again. Our relationship was a slow and gradual move towards marriage. We were mature enough to know from past experience what we wanted in a spouse and patient enough to work through the time it’s taken to get us this far. When we decided to get married, we both agreed we were going to put in the work to make ‘til death do us part’ our reality.”

Excerpt From: “Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriage 20+ Years Strong.” iBooks.


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