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“Floyd & Carla Williams – Celebrating 32 Years of Marriage!!

“Floyd & Carla Williams – Celebrating 32 Years of Marriage!!

“Floyd & Carla Williams – Atlanta, Georgia – married 32 Years – Anniversary: October 5, 1985”

When asked about the difficulties of marriage over the past thirty years, Floyd replied. “As a holistic look at 30 years of marriage, I don’t see it as being difficult. During that timeline, there have been challenges, disagreements, and differences of opinions, but it’s nothing that most people don’t go through. In my opinion, we haven’t had any difficult or horrific times where things were just unbearable. It’s been a fast thirty years. It seems like it was just yesterday. It seems as if life goes faster as you get older. “

Carla explained, “I wouldn’t say these years have been difficult. Things sometimes get tough, and you just make adjustments. I think we’ve been good at making adjustments, and we’ve also been forgiving. You have to get used to change and work to keep from getting comfortable in one spot. If you don’t, it could possibly break you, especially if you are not yielding on some things. Over these past thirty years our marriage has also been more than we could ever have imagined,” she continued. “We’ve had the right attitude, and we’ve been on the same page going in the same direction. That makes it that much easier.”

Excerpt From: “Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriage 20+ Years Strong.” iBooks.



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