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In the Woods again!

In the Woods again!

“The Small House Project” in the woods is underway once again! Today my nephew and I packed up everything we needed and went to the woods to complete the next step in the construction of the Small House. The last time I was working on the Small House I created a time lapse of a few days of work and loaded it to my channel on YouTube. Visit YouTube to see the video but be prepared to just watch the motion. (Don’t forget to subscribe!!)  There is no voice-over or any other kind of information in the video. Truth be told I was experimenting with Time-Lapse and it worked out pretty well so I thought I’d use it. I shot a short video yesterday since I’m working on the Small House Project again it will act as the beginning of the project and give a little more info. I’ll upload that video in the next week or so, but when you subscribe you’ll get a notification when I upload that and other videos.

Today’s task was to clear a few more trees and create more pillars for the foundation.  Things went a little slow as I had to make sure everything was square.  Once that was done we were able to dig holes for the remainder of the pillars.  Tomorrow we’ll pour the remaining pillars, cut a few more trees and be done for this trip.  I’m only able to spend two days this time as I have plans to see my son play football for Mercer University in Macon, GA on Sat.

Today was also the first time I used the new MS 251 “Easy2Start” Stihl chainsaw my brother and I bought. During my last trip, I killed his saw. It was a little old and was not accustomed to being worked so long and hard. It died!  Cutting with this new Sthil the trees are like butter and the saw goes right through them.  I’m very happy with the purchase and the ease of use.

Tomorrow will be a new day, but consider yourself caught up and up to date on the Small House Project.


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