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Rosslyn Hotel Downtown L.A.

Rosslyn Hotel Downtown L.A.

Driving home from work on this particular day the freeway was a virtual parking lot.  I made the decision to get off and take the streets home.  In the past this was a good idea, but not this day!  Since I’m sharing the greater Los Angeles area with millions of other people “in cars” trying to get home, a bunch of them also decided to take the streets home, so there I was; stuck in traffic on the streets instead of the freeway.  Usually, I have my camera in a bag pretty close most of the time as was the case this day.  I happened to be passing the Rosslyn Hotel and remembered it was going through major renovations a little while ago.  It looked finished from the outside, at least by the looks of the new neon lighting broadcasting its name to all stuck in traffic.  The traffic was moving slow enough for me to get a few photos before I passed.

The Rosslyn Hotel  (1914) and its annex (1923) across the street were designed by John Parkinson in the popular Beaux Arts style. At one time it was the largest hotel on the Pacific Coast, with 1,100 rooms and 800 baths between the two structures.


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