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The Small House Project

The Small House Project

The best place to start any project is at the beginning, although this project is well past the beginning since years ago the thought of building a small house in the woods took shape in my head. Along the way, there have been many changes, but luckily those changes happened in my head before anything physical took place.  After so many years of living with the thought of building a small house, I was able to get started! The very beginning was cutting down trees to make space for the foundation. (I made a time-lapse) of that happening, which I loaded on my YouTube page, 7thSon Productions.  Stop by and take a look!

When you visit, please subscribe and hit that little bell next to the subscription button to be automatically updated when I upload a new video of the project.  It’s my intention to document the project from start to finish.  The time-lapse referred to in the above links were actually just a test to make sure my camera would successfully capture a time-lapse properly.  I was quite surprised with the results so I put it together, added a little music and uploaded it.  Yes, I know there’s no explanation of what I’m doing; I was reminded of that in the comments, but I added a few words in the description since I didn’t want to do anything else to the file.

During my next trip to the woods, I’ll shoot a short video that will bring everyone up to speed on my thoughts regarding building a small house in the woods.  This project will not be completed in a few videos as this is a project that has been just a thought for so long, it will take some time to complete.

I look forward to having you along for the ride!


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